Jane Palestini

Jane P.JPG

Age: 74

What do you do when you're off the mat?

I am a volunteer tutor with Volunteer English Program, which helps people who are learning English as a second language.  I  love felting and teach some workshops at the Chester County Art Association.  I also enjoy reading, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

What brought you to BY for the first time?

I was looking to get back into yoga and recognized names of teachers I had really enjoyed previously.

What's your favorite thing about the studio?

Everyone is so warm and friendly, it is a very nurturing environment.

What's your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?

Don't compare yourself to anyone, and don't be afraid to use blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters!  Our bodies are all different and you may (or of course may not) be able to achieve better poses using some of these aids.

What has your yoga practice given you?

It has honed my sense of humor about my aging body...... and it helps me to be more mindful and in the present.

What's your favorite pose?

Warrior 2 is not the most comfortable but  it challenges me and makes me feel strong.

What's your least favorite pose?

Any seated poses, here is where the use of blankets (at least two) comes in.....

Tell us something unusual about yourself.

Well... I have spent time 'illegally' (expired visas) in both the old USSR and in the USA. 

What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

Caring, loyal and non-judgmental.

What's your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure?

Guilt and pleasure do not really go together,  but I do have to moderate my trips to the French bakery.  And not eat too much really expensive chocolate.

Have you made any big changes in your life since starting your yoga practice?

No big changes, but I am becoming more aware of the things I can and the things I can't change in my life.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted to, who would you invite?

My father, who was a wonderful conversationalist;  Alastair Cooke, whose BBC broadcasts did a great job of explaining the USA to us Brits; Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban;  Jung Chang who wrote the memoir 'Wild Swans';  Michele Obama; the novelist Isabel Allende; and  for light relief the writers Bill Bryson and David Sedaris.