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Whether it’s your first yoga class or you’ve been practicing for years, your first visit to BY is a big deal to us.  We want you to have a pleasant experience and we hope you enjoy all our community has to offer.  Try this incredible introductory offer especially for new students to get started with us:


the small print: new clients only, one intro offer per client, available on your first visit to the studio.  your trial period starts on the day of your first visit. the system will automatically adjust your expiration date once your first visit has been scheduled.  limit one visit per day. does not include workshops, master classes or special events. offer can not be extended, exchanged, refunded or frozen. relax and enjoy.

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Check out our serene, bright & beautiful studio on Route 926 in Thornbury Township located above the Westtown Post Office. We’re easy to find and have plenty of free parking. Slow things down after class with a walk in beautiful Goose Creek Park or grab a bite at Goose Creek Grill after class. We’ve been happily bringing yoga to Chester County since 2012. 


frequently asked questions

Q:  I would like to try yoga but I'm not flexible

A:  Everyone can do Yoga - we’re here to teach you how to move safely and mindfully. The good news is that the postures are just one part of Yoga.  Yoga provides a road map for healthy living through mindful breathing and meditative practices that can be much more transformational than exercise alone.  

Q:  I've never done yoga before, where do i start?

A:  It’s a good idea to try one of our Beginners Workshops, you’ll get to ask lots of questions and we'll help get you started safely so you can attend weekly classes. All yoga studios are different! We highly recommend trying out different studios to find your yoga home and see if you like the vibe.

Q:  Which class is right for me?

A:  Our instructors provide safe and informative instruction in every class. Check out our class descriptions before your first class, especially if you are brand new to yoga.  

Q:  Do I have to sign up for class online or can I just stop by?

A:  Please register for classes and workshops online to guarantee your spot in class and save time upon arrival at the studio.  Check in is also available at the front desk, and we can register you for class if space allows.

Q:  How do I sign up for classes?

A:  Create an online account or download our app to sign up for classes, buy class packages and check out our schedule. Select a class from the schedule and click 'Sign Up' next to the class name. If you register and can't make it to class, please remove your registration from the class roster to free up space for another student.  

Q:  I'm having trouble logging in, what should I do?

A: Your account is automatically created when you buy a package or attend a class or workshop with us.  Enter your email address on the login screen and click on "Forgot Password."

Q:  Can my child come to class with me?

A:  Students must be at least 13 years of age to attend regular yoga classes at the studio.  Please create a separate account with a unique email address/login for each family member.

Q:  Can I share a class package with another person in my family?

A:  Sorry, class packages and memberships can not be shared.

Q:  What should I wear and how should I prepare for class?

A:  Wear comfortable semi fitting clothes suitable for exercising. Avoid eating a heavy meal before class and be mindful of personal hygiene, avoid the use of heavy perfumes and leave your cell phone in the car.  

Q:  Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

A:  We have loaner mats to borrow, for hygenic reasons we highly recommend purchasing your own mat.

Q:  When should I arrive for class?

A:  Class starts promptly, plan on arriving 10-15 minutes prior to class time to get settled.

Q:  What happens once I arrive at the studio?

A:  We don't have a separate lobby, so to maintain a peaceful environment for yourself and your fellow yogis please enter the practice space quietly. Take only yoga essentials (yoga mat, towel and water) into the studio space with you and leave cell phone in the car or in the cubbies on silent.  To maintain a hygenic environment, please remove shoes before entering the studio practice space.

Q:  What happens after class?

Similar to the way you entered the practice space, please exit class quietly.  Sometimes students stay after class for quiet meditation so be mindful of others.  If you used a loaner mat or props, please spray clean and return them to the cubby area. 

Q:  Can I stop by and check out the studio before I sign up?

A:  The studio is open approximately 15- 30 minutes before and after each scheduled class. To avoid disturbing classes in session, please make an appointment if you'd like to tour the studio privately.

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